Heating Costs : Top tips to help you save

Have you got a loft conversion or are you thinking of getting one? This blog site will guarantee you will not be spending more on your heating bills, helping you keep warm and cosy this winter season.

Information & Figures

  • 25% of heat produced by your boiler will leave through your roofing system
  • 35% leaves through you wall and gaps around your windows and doors.
  • 60% of your homes amount to heat will escape, leaving you with only 40% heat in your home.
  • As gas and heating bills have actually risen considerably over the past couple of years, it is vital we do as much as possible to keep our costs down.

Loft Conversions

Windows, doors and roof lights are where most energy is expected to be lost. This is because of the breaks between the frame and the glass is a chance for heat to get away. Just recently, it has become very popular for people to transform their lofts into extra home for instance, a bed room.

One of the important things you will have to beware about is your roof light. You need to make sure that it has maximum energy efficiency with insulated frames and triple glazing. The structure being totally airtight and there are high levels of insulation will do so. These frames must be fitted with low-e glazing filled with argon or krypton to prevent heat transfer.

Heating costs

Top tips to help you saveIn addition, you would wish to make certain that the thermal convenience of the area is satisfied throughout winter as well as summertime. This can be achieved by post-heating and post-cooling fresh air through indoor air quality conditions. There also requires to be a sufficient ventilation strategy in place with a minimum of 75% of heat from the exhaust air being moved to fresh air once again by a heat exchanger.

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